What to expect at your first visit

Please bring your documentation with you to your appointment, including your Prescription, and Insurance Cards.

The patient must be physically present at time of appointment, so that proper measurements and fitting procedures can take place. If you (or the patient) is an existing user of a device, please bring the old device, or pictures, so that our practitioners can properly assess your previous device history and provide you with the best outcomes.

If any casting/measurements are going to be performed, please bring appropriate clothing that won't interfere with the measurement process. Please talk to a practitioner in advance of your appointment if you're unsure what will be required during your appointment.

We must verify insurance benefits/coverage in advance of providing any services.

We do not have medical assistants or nurses on-staff, so its recommended that you bring any bandaging or wound treatment materials with you should you anticipate needing to remove any of this material in order for us to evaluate/measure you.

Your total time spent in our office will average around 30 minutes for pre-fabricated items, and 1 hour for custom-made items.


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