Prosthetic vs Prosthesis: What Do These Terms Mean?

prosthetic vs prosthesis

Losing a limb – whether through an accident or due to a disease – often opens up a new, unfamiliar world to an individual. There is, no doubt, a lot to learn – especially new terminology. Fortunately, the team at Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics is ready to help you “live a life without limits.” Although you may have many questions at first, at first, you might wonder what exactly is the difference between prosthetics vs prosthesis.

What is the difference between prosthetics and prosthesis?

  • Prosthetics: Prosthetics refers to the technical and medical process of creating artificial limbs and fitting them on individuals who underwent an amputation surgery. The term “prosthetic” is also used as an adjective to describe items. For instance, the sock used to cover the limb is called a prosthetic sock.
  • Prosthesis: While prosthetics refers to the science of creating artificial body parts, the artificial parts themselves are called prosthesis. One piece is called a prosthesis, but multiple pieces are called prostheses. This term applies to any artificial limb regardless of whether it is an upper or lower limb.

Here is another way to think about it: prosthetics is the science and technology that allows the prosthesis to be created.

below knee prosthesis with vacuum suspension

Here’s an example of a below-knee prosthesis with vacuum suspension that we fit for our patients

What can Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics do for prosthetics and prostheses?

When it comes to prosthetics, the skilled team at Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics utilizes all of the latest technology in prosthetics. How does the latest technology in prosthetics benefit our patients? Simply put, keeping up with the latest trends and advances allows patients to have a better quality of life. Technology can affect many components of the whole process:

  • Comfort: Patients just beginning their journey will have many adjustments to go through during the first year postamputation as their leg changes and matures in its new state. The use of gel sleeves and prosthetic socks help to manage the changes in volume and shapes.
  • Natural range of motion: The latest technology and a proper alignment allow an individual to walk with the natural range of motion. One such device is the Medi OFM2 knee, a prosthetic knee which functions similar to how a knee will lock when a person is standing still. The Medi OFM2 knee, however, will unlock to allow walking once the individual shifts his or her weight. This is just one example of the latest technology that Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics uses to boost the experience of their patients.

Because the team at Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics uses the latest technology, the prostheses we offer are that much better. Patients can “live life without limits” because all of the prostheses are custom fit to each individual. While there’s no denying that the journey from first fitting to final fitting takes time and patience, each prosthesis used throughout the healing and fitting process is state-of-the-art and created just for you. Each prosthesis is:

  • Part of a personalized treatment plan designed by one of our team members
  • Examined during your follow-up appointments; you are never alone on your journey!
  • Matches your body type and activity level

If you’d like to see how Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics can help you live your best life, contact us today.

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