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Rishona Lebovits

I was first interested in the Prosthetics field when I saw something on the news about kids and prosthetics. I thought it was really cool seeing something that makes such a difference in someone’s life.

When I was doing my undergrad in Biomedical Engineering, I went to Northwestern University to look at their graduate program as they have a lot of programs in prosthetic research. I ended up completing the program and becoming a prosthetist.

I was seriously considering medical school, but this was the perfect combination of helping people, seeing patients daily, but still doing something very hands-on (putting things together, trying to find out how things work, how to make things better, when things go wrong how to fix it).

After Northwestern University, I completed my residency with Hanger in NY. After a year, I took off some time for family. Then I came to Advantage PO.

I love working here as it’s a great working environment, I get to see a lot of different types of people, and work with lots of different facilities.

The first time you get to see a patient stand up again and taking their first steps after they’ve had their amputation makes everything worth it. It’s amazing doing this job every day.