How Do Prosthetic Arms Work?

how do prosthetic arms work

Maybe you’ve just started to consider a prosthetic arm for yourself, or maybe you’re helping a loved one through the process of getting fitted for a prosthesis. Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’ve been considering a prosthetic arm for quite some time, understanding how a prosthetic arm works might shed light on the topic. Location of the Amputation: … Read More

What is Phantom Limb and Why Does Phantom Limb Pain Occur?

phantom limb

Years ago, doctors used to categorize phantom pain as a psychological condition; however, doctors today know that phantom pain is not psychological – it is a very real condition that affects individuals who have recently experienced an amputation. If you have recently undergone an amputation, you may be wondering what phantom limb pain is and why it occurs. What is … Read More

How Does a Prosthetic Leg Work?

how prosthetic leg works

Perhaps you’ve already decided that a prosthetic leg is the best solution to help you reach your goals, or maybe you’re just starting to consider the idea. Either way, you’ve probably wondered how a prosthetic leg works. The technology behind today’s prosthetics is quite amazing. Location of the amputation Understanding how a prosthetic leg works first depends on the location … Read More

Prosthetic vs Prosthesis: What Do These Terms Mean?

prosthetic vs prosthesis

Losing a limb – whether through an accident or due to a disease – often opens up a new, unfamiliar world to an individual. There is, no doubt, a lot to learn – especially new terminology. Fortunately, the team at Advantage Prosthetics and Orthotics is ready to help you “live a life without limits.” Although you may have many questions … Read More

Test Sockets and Gel Inserts and Bulldog Locks (Oh, my!)

test sockets gel inserts gel sleeves bulldog locks

Above-Knee (AK) Prostheses and Below-Knee Prostheses have come a long way from the straight, locked prosthetic limb to today’s modern devices that mimic the natural movement of a human leg. This is thanks to three key parts – the test socket, the gel insert and something called a Bulldog lock. What are Test Sockets? No limb is ready for its final … Read More

How Changes in Residual Limb Size Affect How Your Prosthesis Fits

Rob Casting John For A New Prosthetic Leg Socket

Getting a Prosthesis Getting a prosthesis that looks and fits you correctly is a process that can take significant effort, technology, and time. There are anatomical considerations, as you have to make sure that the socket for the device is the appropriate dimension and size and can connect seamlessly with your residual limb. You may have to make several visits … Read More