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One of the most traumatic experiences is the amputation, or surgical removal, of an appendage or limb. While the majority of amputations occur as a result of disease, almost 25% of amputations are the result of a traumatic accident. Fortunately, a prosthesis or man-made device to replace an amputated limb can be custom fit to each individual restoring the function and appearance of a full or partial missing limb. Because of the vast differences in human anatomy, the fabrication of prostheses is an intricate, individualized procedure requiring a high degree of skill and sophisticated technology. 

We believe a prosthesis should fit well, perform well and change as your body and fitness levels change. Once your limb or appendage has healed from amputation, the design and fabrication process can begin. The first replacement body part, known as an early-fitting or temporary prosthesis, is simply a starting point for a long and customized experience. Many modifications will be made to address fit, comfort and function as well as your current health and fitness goals. As your limb continues to heal, your definitive prosthesis will be made that will be functional, lighter and cosmetically finished for a more natural appearance.

Advantage Prosthetics & Orthotics has a team of highly trained clinical staff that are sensitive to the often painful process of receiving a prosthetic limb or appendage. You will receive a unique treatment plan, extensive follow-up and a customized prosthetic that meets your body type, level of health and activity needs. In addition, our staff includes physical therapists, so our patients benefit from their expertise. We participate in a comprehensive amputee management program at several area nursing homes, which includes weekly progress notes sent to the physicians and therapists. Not only will patients receive a personalized treatment plan, customized and appropriate devices and counseling on using them, our team will also conduct periodic re-evaluation for fit, function and comfort.

We will advocate on your behalf and coordinate with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the highest level product available to you, with as little cost to you as possible.